I find it hard to believe.


26 years old.


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All you have done.

All you have done.

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Oh, Scally, first role model.

Oh, Scally, first role model.

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Winter - Daughter

And we were in flames, I needed, I needed you
To run through my veins, like disease, disease
And now we are strange, strangers.

Wait for me to degrade before
You go
Killing prey for
Waste of
Speaks when
Slumber’s keeping
Under the bed
Out of revenge
I’m derailing
My youth has stained our sheets
With some piece of me
With some piece of me.

Oh, winter comes
Oh, winter crush all of the things that I once loved.

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I love Chloe, though.

Chloe is my spirit animal.

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Adorable Baby Cuddles Up with French Bulldog Puppies


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